GMC Hospital reiterates its commitment to quality healthcare on the occasion of its 11th anniversary

By | October 22, 2013

11 years of committed care – GMC Hospital, Ajman completes 11 years of offering quality affordable healthcare
Over the last decade GMC Hospital, Ajman, an integrated healthcare delivery component of Gulf Medical University, Ajman has been in the forefront of offering high quality, affordable healthcare to all sections of the society. According to the figures issued by the Hospital Administration, around 21,00,000 patients were offered the best available treatment out of which more than 31,000 deliveries have been carried out and over 21,000 surgeries have been performed so far. The figures speak volumes about the services offered over the years by our entire team of dedicated doctors. Being the first private teaching hospital in the country, our efforts channeled towards offering high quality healthcare to all.GMC Hospital reiterates its commitment to quality healthcare on the occasion of its 11th anniversaryGMC Hospital, Ajman housed with ultra-modern facilities handles over 1200 OPD patients a day. Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dental Surgery, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, Plastic Surgery are some of the specialized treatments presently being offered by the hospital.
GMC Hospitals are approved and accredited to various international bodies apart from the Ministry of Health, UAE and has credentials of being a member of Medical Tourism Association, International Hospital Federation, Asian Hospital Federation, Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme, International Board of Medicine and Surgery, Temos Dental Certification. In addition, GMC Hospital is underway to acquire an Academic Hospital Accreditation by JCI.GMC Hospital reiterates its commitment to quality healthcare on the occasion of its 11th anniversaryThe mission of GMC Hospital calls for excellence in clinical care, research and education. Its commitment to this mission drives to the cutting edge of science, technology and innovation.

Right from the beginning we have laid a great emphasis on Education, Healthcare and Research. Our endeavor is to continue with our efforts in blending academics with healthcare services to produce highly competent healthcare professionals by offering international standards of teaching and training.  We want to match the ever growing need for quality healthcare by establishing more hospitals and healthcare centers in different parts of the country and to create 1000 Bedded Academic Hospital network in the next few years.  Our growth and success over the last 11 years would not have been possible without the active guidance and support of the Ruling family members, Ministry of Health-UAE and other health authorities.  I take this opportunity to profoundly thank them on this auspicious occasion.
Thumbay Moideen
Founder President, Thumbay Group

GMC Hospital being the largest healthcare provider in the region has many nationally and internationally recognized healthcare professionals, with state-of-the-art medical technology, advanced medical and surgical services made available.  Over the past decade GMC Hospital has been a leading referral center in many specialities receiving patients not only from within the country but even from abroad.  Matching to the vision of the Rulers of U.A.E. to make U.A.E. as the best healthcare destination in the Middle East, GMC Hospital has laid utmost importance on medical tourism, thus attracting patients from Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the GCC and Western Europe.
The satisfaction of the patients has been a great driving force for the entire team at GMC Hospital.  The doctors having very high qualifications and experience contribute to the increasing patient flow at the hospital.
Some of the testimonials from the doctors, patients, medical students from Gulf Medical University undergoing clinical training and Insurance companies are cited below:

I congratulate Mr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President of Thumbay Group for his leadership and upon the successful completion of 11 years by GMC Hospital, Ajman in providing the best affordable medical services to the public of UAE.  GMC Hospital, Ajman a landmark teaching hospital has been a strategic partner  not only in providing the best affordable medical services but also contributed to relieve the pressure of Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital, Ajman and other medical clinics affiliated to the Ministry of Health in UAE.

I wish to stress that the Ministry of Health should continue to extend their valuable support to the private sectors especially those who contribute to the ministry’s strategies to provide the best affordable treatment to the public in U.A.E.

H.E. Hamad Taryam Al Shamsi, Director, Ministry of Health, Ajman

“I have been a member of the GMC for the last 6 years and am presently working in the capacity of Professor and Consultant in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and I am proud to work with this institution.  Providing best clinical care, ensuring patient safety is my highest priority”.   

Dr. Mawahib Abd Salman Al Biate, Consultant and Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, GMC Hospital, Ajman.

 “I have joined the hospital in 2007 and enjoy working as a Consultant and Professor.  The atmosphere is warm between the doctors, staff and students.  I am proud of the level of measures of patient safety provided in the hospital especially in the O.T & C.C.U.”
Dr. Yassin Malallah Tahir Al Musawi, Consultant and Professor, General Surgery, GMC Hospital, Ajman.

“It is remarkable that in the midst of such phenomenal growth and expansion, the spirit of “GMC Family” has survived. More importantly, we have developed into a center where the sick are treated with human touch and personalized care, thanks to the vision and tireless efforts of the Founder President. I feel proud to be a small part of this great march forward”.
Dr. Shaikh Altaf Basha, Professor & Specialist A, Internal Medicine, GMC Hospital, Ajman.

 “Dr. Adnan, Dr. Basha, Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Dave, Dr. Ishaq and Mr. Pravin along with the entire team of Physio Department were good in providing the best care and treatment to my daughter.  Her progress has been miraculous.  We have been assured that she has recovered to a large extent.  Shria who was planning to pursue her medicine from U.K. or India now has changed her mind to do it in Gulf Medical University, Ajman after meeting so many friends in her new survival journey”.
Shria Sadhu, daughter of Ms. Sunitha Sadu being treated for Spinal cord inflammation at GMC hospital, Ajman.

“GMC Hospital, Ajman is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology which has excellent diagnostic facilities. The friendly doctors made us feel that we are in the safe hands.  I salute the management, managers and all staff who have rendered their best services each and every time we have been there”.
Mrs. Meena Bisht, patient at GMC Hospital, Ajman

“I prefer to visit GMC Hospital, Ajman as it has full medical services from specialized doctors, nurses and hospital staff.  All are highly qualified and experts in their specialities”
Khaldoun Al Safadi, patient at GMC Hospital, Ajman

“As a fourth year medical student at GMU, I would like to congratulate GMC Hospital for successful completion of 11 years.  I, an Emirati national, am proud to consider myself as a student of this university since I have been able to witness the new developments around the university and the hospital. GMC Hospital as a teaching hospital has excellent professors who excel to teach and share their experiences with the students. During our postings in different clinical specialties, the professors made sure that we were able to understand the basics of diagnosis and management of the present complaints of the patients, while allowing us to gain hands on experience with the patients,”
Saif- Saeed Ali Hamad Hafri.

 “As an inspiring Clinical Pharmacist, I believe that your future is not what lies ahead of you, waiting to happen.  Rather, it is what lies deep inside you waiting to be discovered.  This, the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience  (APPE) has given me a glimpse of the true potential inside of me that is yet to be undiscovered.  I have been enriched with a great deal of experience carrying out APPE rotation at GMC Hospital, Ajman”.
Ms. Tahira Kokab, Pharm D student of Gulf Medical University, Ajman

 “As a fourth year medical student at the GMC Hospital, Ajman, the experience has been nothing less than engaging and intellectually stimulating. It has provided me with an effective transition between theoretical knowledge and the practical application of this knowledge in a professional setting.  The Doctors at the GMC hospital have been very enthusiastic and informative, and continue to provide me with the incredible knowledge they have gained through their research and professional work.  The sense of belonging felt every day is what makes the experience at GMC Hospital, Ajman truly unique”.
Faryal Sheikh, (Reg. No. 2010M043).

 “GMC Hospital, Ajman has trained us to be experts in the therapeutic use of medications, routine medication therapy evaluations and recommendations to patients and other healthcare professionals. Our training has been stimulating and enjoyable as all the physicians and other healthcare professionals are very cooperative and the facilities provided to us by the management supplements our goal to become professional clinical pharmacists”.
Alyaa Fadel (Reg. No. 2008PH17), Pharm D student at GMU.

“I came to know GMC Hospital, Ajman around 10 years back, I can say that they are honest, ethical, cooperative in their practice and dealing. I wish them all the success”.
Dr. Adam Barbarawi, Medical Director, NAS Administration Services LLC, Abu Dhabi-UAE.

“Almadallah Management would like to congratulate GMC Hospital Ajman on their 11th Anniversary of service. GMC Ajman has provided world-class healthcare to patients in the community. It is our honor to have GMC Hospital as part of the Almadallah Network Healthcare Providers and we appreciate their continual engagement for a most successful collaboration to benefit all stake holders”.
Dr. Syed Naveed Laiq, Head of Network, Almadallah Healthcare Management

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