By | May 13, 2014

THD SpA, an Italian Equipment manufacturing company has entered into an agreement with Gulf Medical College Hospital & Research Centre – Ajman, to be a Regional Surgical Training centre for THD (Trans Anal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialization) surgical Procedure. The agreement was signed at GMU Campus by Thumbay Moideen, Founder President GMC Hospitals and Mr. Emad Labib of THD SpA, in the presence of Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Director Operations Healthcare and Retail Divisions Thumbay Group and officials from THD.

GMC HOSPITAL BECOMES REGIONAL CENTER FOR ADVANCED SURGICAL TRAINING‘Hemorrhoids are not a frequently discussed topic. Most people simply tolerate the problem and are often frightened by the thought of traditional surgery. The THD procedure offers a minimally invasive surgical approach to treating the source of the hemorrhoids. Post-operative pain is negligible, no bleeding, needs only a day’s stay in the hospital, and within 4-5 days the patient can go back to work’, says Prof. Yasein Mallaha Taher, Professor and Head Department of Surgery, GMC Hospital Ajman. Clinical results have shown that patients who have THD may encounter less pain, less risk of complications, and faster return to activities inside of 4 days.

GMC HOSPITAL BECOMES REGIONAL CENTER FOR ADVANCED SURGICAL TRAININGGMC Hospital will be a recognized center in the UAE and the Middle East for the THD Company and their surgical procedures. Another new technology will be introduced in the near future for the management of anal fecal incontinence, and the GMC Hospital will be the first in the UAE and the Middle East to do the procedure, added Prof. Taher. THD will nominate and sponsor surgeons from all over the region to be trained at our hospital.

Gulf Medical College Hospital & Research Centre Ajman will be the venue for any future professional activities sponsored by THD in UAE including Foreign speakers/trainers, symposia,  round table discussions,  workshops etc.

THD is Strong of its know-how for the past experiences in clinical, research and development, rapid prototyping and 3D design, THD SpA is today known reality in science thanks to the solid foundation on which it was built.

Currently THD SpA enjoys an international consensus growing and occupies a prominent position in the field of treatment of hemorrhoids. The high quality of the materials used backed with constant research in technology and medicine, the design and manufacture of innovative devices supported by a team of designers, researchers and physicians have allowed it to stand out in the framework of the colon proctology treatments.

The quality and effectiveness of products THD, combined with prompt service and evolved have satisfied the demands of health care and medical centers in more than 50 countries THD allowing the company to become a landmark in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Today the group has THD 60 people and makes use of a solid international distribution network supported by a pool of local specialists and researchers at the forefront in coloproctologico.

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