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Thumbay Group vows to support Dubai’s goal of 500,000 health tourists by 2020

Thumbay Group vows to support Dubai’s goal of 500,000 health tourists by 2020

Dubai, UAE – 24 November, 2017 – Dubai’s goal of attracting half a million medical and health tourists by 2020 will soon be achieved after Thumbay Group has announced its plans to support that goal with 1000 medical tourists per day across its healthcare network.

 The announcement came during the 4th Annual Health & Medical Tourism Conference held at Hotel Hyatt Regency – Dubai Creek Heights, on 23rd November 2017.

Organized by Thumbay Medical Tourism in association with Thumbay Hospital, the conference brought together industry experts from healthcare, travel, medical tourism and medical education sectors. The half-day event highlighted the latest trends and developments in medical tourism and explored ways to boost health tourism the UAE.

Speaking at the conference, Dr. Layla Mohamed AlMarzouqi, Director Dubai Health Tourism Council, said that Dubai is well-positioned to achieve its goal of welcoming half a million international patients by 2020, thanks to the support of key players in the private sector like the Thumbay Group, which announced its plans to attract 1,000 tourist per day to its facilities across the UAE.

Dubai currently ranks number 1 in the Arab world and 16th globally, based on the 2016 Medical Tourism Index.

“Dubai’s proximity, safety and connectivity, coupled with the fact 80 percent of the UAE’s hospitals are internationally accredited, are some of the key factors that helped the Emirate fast become one of the world’s top health tourism destinations,” Dr. AlMarzouqi added.

In 2016, the number of health tourists visiting Dubai reached 326,649, an increase of 9.5 per cent compared to 298,359 the previous year. Top medical and health treatments sought by visitors to the emirate were orthopedics, dermatology, dental, fertility, health and wellness, ophthalmology and aesthetics.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President of the Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group, reiterated the conglomerate’s commitment to Dubai’s plans of becoming an international hub for health tourism, by adding three new hospitals, five clinics, 15 pharmacies and five diagnostic labs to its existing network.

A member of the Dubai Health Experience – a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) initiative aimed at strengthening the Emirate’s position as a health tourism hub – the Thumbay Group has launched several initiatives to support the emirate’s ambition, including an exclusive Marhaba lounge service for patients coming from abroad, priority appointments in the group’s medical facilities, and fast-tracked services including administrative and medical procedures.

H. Shaikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma Almaktoum – Chairman of MBM Groups, was chief guest at the event and Dr. Thumbay Moideen founder president Thumbay group presided the event which also saw the participation of Dr. Jia Xiao Fang, President, China International Health & Medical Tourism Association; and Dheeraj Joshi, Partner, Price Waterhouse Cooper, who highlighted Dubai’s position amongst the global medical tourism Space.

A panel discussion, which was moderated by Linda Abdullah, Consultant, Health Tourism Council – DHA, discussed enhancing the experience of health tourists. Panelists included Ahmed Al Falasi, Chief Operating Officer of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and Stephen Smith, Health Bank

Keyhole Surgery for Pediatric Appendicitis

Keyhole Surgery for Pediatric Appendicitis

Keyhole Surgery for Pediatric Appendicitis

By Dr. Lalit Parida, Consultant (Incharge) – Pediatric Surgery, Thumbay Hospital – Ajman

The appendix is a vestigial organ left behind by human evolution. While the appendix has no specific function in the human digestive system, it is situated along the bottom right side of the large intestine. There is no adverse reaction if it is missing or even if it is surgically removed.

Sometimes the appendix becomes blocked. Mucus trapped inside can allow bacteria to grow. That can lead to infection and inflammation (appendicitis). This illness is very common in children, teens, and young adults. The infection is usually bacterial in nature and allows the appendix to swell up inside the abdominal cavity. Eventually the appendix will rupture, spreading the bacterial infection to all organs in the abdominal cavity, eventually leading to a potentially dangerous health problem called peritonitis. A person with appendicitis may need an appendectomy – a surgery to remove a child’s appendix.

Appendicitis: A common condition in children

Appendicitis is one of the most common surgical conditions in children which I see in my practice. These children usually have abdominal or tummy pain, vomiting or nausea, fever, decreased appetite, diarrhea or constipation, or even urine problems. Certain blood tests like white blood cell count and c-reactive protein along with an ultrasound of the abdomen helps in establishing the diagnosis of appendicitis. It is important to operate upon these children early as the infected appendix may burst to result in what is known as perforated appendicitis. This will then increase the chance of infection inside the abdomen and usually prolongs the hospital stay for the child.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy: A case study

The parents of 7-year-old Sarah (name changed) were very concerned as their daughter was having stomach pain and vomiting for 2 days. But when she started also having a fever, they decided to take her to Thumbay Hospital, Ajman.

Sarah was examined by the Emergency department doctor at the hospital who suspected that she may be having appendicitis. As the Consultant Pediatric Surgeon, I attended Sarah’s case. After examining the child and conducting a few blood tests and ultrasound of the abdomen, I confirmed the diagnosis of appendicitis.

I then explained to the parents of Sarah about her condition and the urgent need for surgery. This initially came as a surprise to the parents and they were concerned about her future and skin scars. Comforting them, I explained the operative procedure in detail, eventually getting their consent for the surgery.

Sarah underwent a successful laparoscopic appendectomy and was discharged the very next day, in excellent condition. She visited the hospital after a few days for a routine checkup and was found to be back to her normal self. The parents were very happy and acknowledged that there were barely visible skin scars from the surgery in her abdomen.

How is Laparoscopic Appendectomy Different?

I use the keyhole method or Laparoscopic method to remove the infected appendix under general anesthesia. This involves making three small cuts in the abdomen and each of these cuts is just half a centimeter. We then put a small camera through one of the skin holes and take out the appendix with the help of other instruments. Even in the case of burst or perforated appendicitis, my choice is the key-hole method, as it is a lot easier to clean the abdomen of its infective fluids due to the bird’s eye view of the keyhole camera.

Some of the main advantages of Laparoscopic over conventional appendectomy are: reduced risk of wound infection, reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospital stay and more rapid return to normal activities.

Dr. Lalit Parida has more than 10 years of experience as a Consultant Pediatric Surgeon. He does all pediatric surgical procedures including newborn surgery. He has received his M.Ch degree in Pediatric Surgery from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, which is a premier medical institute of India. He has also done advanced clinical fellowship training in Pediatric Surgical Oncology which is children’s cancer surgery from the world-famous Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, USA.

Ajman Ruler awards 204 degrees at the 14th Gulf Medical University Convocation Ceremony

Ajman Ruler awards 204 degrees at the 14th Gulf Medical University Convocation Ceremony

A total of 128 MBBS, 31 Dentistry, 19 Pharmacy, 21 Physiotherapy, 2 each from Clinical Pathology and Public Health courses and one Toxicology graduate were conferred this year; the graduates belong to 38 different nationalities.

Ajman, November 22, 2017: Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council, UAE and Ruler of Ajman, Gulf Medical University (GMU) honored the achievements of 204 graduates at the 14th Convocation Ceremony held on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 at the Emirates Hospitality Centre, Al Jurf, Ajman.

Congratulating the graduates on their achievement, H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Member of the Supreme Council, UAE and Ruler of Ajman urged them to continue their specialized studies and excel in their careers, and advised them to utilize the knowledge acquired from GMU to help the society and the nation. Addressing the Emirati graduates, His Highness said that they were a source of honor to the country, and promised them continued support.

A total of 204 graduates of the University; 128 MBBS, 31 Dentistry, 19 Pharmacy, 21 Physiotherapy, 2 each from Clinical Pathology and Public Health courses and one Toxicology graduate, received their graduation certificates this year. The outgoing students belonged to 38 different nationalities: UAE (10), GCC (11), other Arab nations (35), Asia (68), Africa (45) and others (35 – including students from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Belize).

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder, President Board of Trustees, Gulf Medical University (GMU) said, “GMU is now into its 20th year of operation and we are now among the most in demand private medical university in the region. Our network of THUMBAY Academic Hospital is one among the biggest healthcare providers in the country, treating patients from around 175 nationalities. The Gulf Medical University now collaborates with over 45 institutions across the world and has taken steps to include innovative and path breaking educational initiatives.”

Dr. Thumbay Moideen also thanked H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi for the government’s unconditional support to the institution and said that GMU was on track to emerge as a leading full-fledged and research-based university in the region. Congratulating the graduates, he assured them of GMU’s support always.

The Chancellor of GMU, Prof. Hossam Hamdy said, “During this year, the university has established three new institutes. New academic programs will be introduced in Health Economics, Healthcare Management, Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Post Graduate programs in Clinical Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Dentistry.” He elaborated on the upcoming healthcare projects which would support and provide training for students. He added that this year, GMU had signed and activated more than 10 international agreements with major international universities.

About Gulf Medical University

The Gulf Medical University (GMU), Ajman is one of the leading private medical universities in the Gulf region, and has become the preferred-choice for medical education to students of 80 nationalities. The University offers various highly sought-after courses including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Technologist, Anesthesia & Surgical Technologist, Imaging Technologist, Public Health and the Transnational Collaboration – Preclinical Sciences program.

GMU has taken its training, teaching and research facilities to the next level with the recent launch of its world-class facilities: The Thumbay Institute of Precision Medicine and Translational Research (TIPM&TR), the Thumbay Institute of Population Health and the Thumbay Institute of Healthcare Workforce Development and Leadership. GMU’s superior curriculum, international outlook and state-of-the-art facilities has enabled it to enter into transnational collaboration with universities in Poland, USA, Japan, Egypt and Ghana.

Founded in 1998, GMU is owned and operated by Thumbay Group, the Dubai-based global conglomerate. With the group’s network of academic hospitals (Thumbay Hospital), multispecialty daycare centers (Thumbay Hospital Day Care), clinics (Thumbay Clinics), pharmacies (Thumbay Pharmacy), diagnostic labs (Thumbay Labs) etc., which provide training facilities for its students, GMU is on course to becoming the first Academic Health System in the Middle East region, in the private sector. Moreover, a new 500-bed academic hospital, a 60-chair dental hospital, and a high-tech rehabilitation center, all nearing completion within the GMU campus will take the University’s training facilities several notches higher in terms of infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as unparalleled exposure for the students.



Thumbay Moideen Conferred Honorary Doctorate at Amity University Dubai’s Annual Convocation

Thumbay Moideen Conferred Honorary Doctorate at Amity University Dubai’s Annual Convocation

Mr. Thumbay Moideen, the Founder President of Dubai-based global conglomerate Thumbay Group, was conferred an Honorary Doctorate at the annual convocation ceremony of Amity University – Dubai, on 20th November 2017. Mr. Moideen, the Guest of Honour of the convocation ceremony, was awarded the doctorate in the presence of distinguished dignitaries, academicians, students, teachers and parents.

An official statement by Amity University Dubai said that Mr. Thumbay Moideen was being conferred the honor in view of his “significant contributions towards promotion of medical education, trade and industry, and social and economic development of the nation.”

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Thumbay Moideen expressed his gratitude to Amity University Dubai for awarding the doctorate. “Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of transforming lives through education and healthcare, strengthening communities and contributing to the growth and progress of the nation. I owe my success to God Almighty, the support of the government, and my team. This recognition will inspire me to do more in driving positive change,” he said.

Mr. Thumbay Moideen awarded certificates to the graduates and the honors for batch toppers.

About Mr. Thumbay Moideen

Mr. Thumbay Moideen is the Founder President of Thumbay Group, a diversified international conglomerate headquartered at DIFC – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Starting with the establishment of Thumbay Group in 1998, he has set up business operations in 20 sectors. Today, the Group has activities in Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communications, Retail Optical, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing, Technology, Media, Events, Medical Tourism, Trading and Marketing & Distribution.

Thumbay Group today employs close to 5000 people, which is projected to increase to around 25000 by the year 2022, with the completion of ongoing and upcoming projects. The Thumbay chain of hospitals, the constituent teaching hospitals of the Gulf Medical University are one of the largest healthcare services providers in the UAE, serving patients from over 175 nationalities. The Gulf Medical University (GMU) which is one of the leading private medical universities in the Middle East region, attracts a student cohort of 80 nationalities and faculty and staff from over 25 countries. Currently, Thumbay Group is focusing on its strategic long-term plans which will see the group scale its businesses almost ten times and expand its operations globally. The Group plans to build three more international campuses in the next five years. This is in addition to the plans to expand the chain of academic hospitals to 15 worldwide by 2022, with a total capacity of 1000 beds in the UAE, 1500 beds in India and 750 beds elsewhere in the Gulf and in Africa. The group also plans to expand specialized retail outlets.

Picture details: Founder President of Thumbay Group, Mr. Thumbay Moideen receiving the honorary doctorate from Founder President of Amity University – Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Chancellor – Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chairman of Amity PACIFIC Forum – Dr. Ajit Kumar Nagpal, and other officials.

Thumbay Hospital Organizes Week-Long Series of Programs to Mark World Diabetes Day

Thumbay Hospital Organizes Week-Long Series of Programs to Mark World Diabetes Day

Thumbay Hospital – Fujairah, the leading academic hospital under Thumbay Group’s Healthcare Division organized a week-long diabetes awareness campaign from 10th to 17th November 2017, with a series of activities aimed to spread awareness on diabetes and emphasizing the importance of physical activity in safeguarding against the disease. The campaign was launched as part of the hospital’s World Diabetes Day celebrations.

As part of the campaign, Thumbay Hospital – Fujairah participated as a medical support partner in the Harvesting Event at the Orthodox Church, Fujairah and offered free basic health check-up for all the attendees of the event, spreading the message of diabetes awareness.  The hospital also organized a series of health talks across corporate companies, including an enlightening talk by Dr. Dileep Kumar, Nephrologist, on the topic ‘Diabetes & Kidney’ on 14th November, at a labour camp.  The highlight of the hospital’s diabetes awareness programs was the walkathon organized with the support of Fujairah Police, which was highly effective in educating the public and inspiring them to find ways to adopt active lifestyles, for a healthier future.

The Management of Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah confirmed that the hospital has plans to conduct more awareness activities focused on women’s health across organizations in the Emirate, in line with World Diabetes Day’s official theme this year; ‘Women & Diabetes’.

Thumbay Group’s Finance Director Named ‘MENA CFO of the Year’ at CFO Achievement Awards 2017

Thumbay Group’s Finance Director Named ‘MENA CFO of the Year’ at CFO Achievement Awards 2017

Mr. Nazeer Hussain, Director of Finance & Budget – Thumbay Group, won the prestigious ‘MENA CFO of the Year’ award for the private sector, at the CFO Achievement Awards 2017 held at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai on 16th November 2017. Mr. Hussain, who is also a member of the ‘Thumbay Group Board’ which implements the group’s strategic plans, received the award at a special ceremony organized on the second and final day of the 11th CFO Strategies Forum MENA.

The CFO Strategies Forum commended Mr. Hussain for exceptional performance in leading the finance team during the past year, aligning the finance function with the company’s strategic direction, and having a direct impact on its bottom line. Mr. Hussain had won the ‘Revolutionary CFO of the Year’ award at the forum, in 2015 and 2016.

Congratulating Nazeer Hussain on the award, Mr. Thumbay Moideen, the Founder President of Thumbay Group said, “It is a matter of great honor that Thumbay Group’s forward-looking strategies are being increasingly recognized at global forums, coming at a time when we have entered a very important phase of growth and global expansion. Recognition like these will definitely be a source of motivation in our journey ahead.”

The CFO Strategies Forum is an annual event which brings together over 120 Chief Financial Officers, CEOs and industry experts to discuss industry trends, catalyze the region’s continuous growth and provide them with unparalleled networking opportunities. The CFO Achievement Awards recognize the important contribution of CFOs in delivering results and achieving success for their organizations.

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – University City Road, Sharjah conducted a health awareness program at Gurudwara Dubai

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – University City Road, Sharjah conducted a health awareness program at Gurudwara Dubai

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – University City Road, Sharjah conducted a health awareness program at Gurudwara Dubai on 4th November.  The program included consultation by the hospital’s Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Galaleldin Nagib Elkilan and Dr. Sridhar Babu- General physician. Around 50 people attended the Health Check up. We have also offered Free Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and BMI check up.