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Gulf Medical University’s White Coat Ceremony Welcomes New Students; Establishes Student Community of 80 Nationalities

Gulf Medical University’s White Coat Ceremony Welcomes New Students; Establishes Student Community of 80 Nationalities

Graced by the presence of GMU’s International Partners from Ghana and Poland, the White Coat Ceremony also witnessed the growth of GMU’s student cohort to 80 nationalities. “GMU is not only using innovation, but we are creating new innovation,” says Chancellor.

Gulf Medical University (GMU), the leading private university in the region owned and operated by Thumbay Group, organized on Thursday, 28th September 2017, a White Coat Ceremony for new students enrolled in its different colleges, for medicine, preclinical sciences, biomedical sciences, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratory sciences, imaging sciences, nursing and anesthesia and surgical technology. The ceremony, held at the main auditorium at GMU premises in Ajman, included the recital of the medical oath, and wearing the medical white coat for the first time by these students.

The chief guest of the ceremony was Mr. Thumbay Moideen – Founder and President of the GMU Board of Trustees. Also present were Prof. Hossam Hamdy – Chancellor of GMU,  Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay – Vice President of the Healthcare Division and Member of the Thumbay Group Board, Mr. Akram Moideen Thumbay – Director Operations of the Construction and Renovation Division, Director Thumbay Technologies and Member of the Thumbay Group Board, in addition to the other members of the Thumbay Group Board, Provost and Deans of GMU, and Professors from Ghana University, Ghana and Lublin University in Poland, in addition to the first year students and their families.

Mr. Thumbay Moideen thanked His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuami, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, for his continuous support for Gulf Medical University, which has become an academic beacon and home for pioneering research and innovation, and the place where UAE doctors and medical professionals are qualified to provide the best healthcare. He added that happiness and health of people is always a matter of importance for the wise leadership in the UAE.

In his speech at the ceremony, Prof. Hossam Hamdy welcomed the new class of students, saying: “This symbolic ceremony represents the beginning of your career as medical professionals and health care providers.  By accepting and wearing the White Coat, you are making a life commitment to always meet the expectations of patients and people in need of your services.”

“Over the coming few years you will become part of a community of scholars and health care professionals.  The white coat you will receive today means that they are accepting you to be the junior member of this community.  You will learn from them and by them and above all learning from the patients. Three principles are core to the career you have chosen: professionalism, care and empathy, and trust,” he added.

To shed light on the developments and changes expected in the future, the Chancellor gave a visual presentation of how the world will probably be like in 2030, with focus on the expectations related to the needs of patients and the community, the development of the ways of providing healthcare, and the role that the GMU will play in developing the graduates’ skills to keep up with the developments in healthcare. He also indicated that Gulf Medical University is internationally leading in education technology development. “We are not only using innovation but we are producing new innovation using artificial intelligence. Virtual Patient Learning (VPL) has been developed and implemented at GMU and is applied in different universities in the GCC countries, Europe and the US,” he said. He added that studies at the university will focus on the practical skills that the students will develop and how much trust they are given.

Prof. Hamdy went on to say, “In this University, we are all following the vision of our Founder, President of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Thumbay Moideen.  20 years ago there was no Gulf Medical University, but through his leadership we now have this magnificent campus and a strong reputation as a leading medical university in the region. We will soon have new hospitals where we can work together to improve the health of the nation.”

At the end of the ceremony, students of all nationalities took the Hippocratic Oath to confirm their commitment to the moral practice of medicine throughout their careers and their devotion in providing medical care to those who need it at any time or place and under all conditions.

The ceremony, which the GMU organizes every year, included showcasing pictures of the new designs for the campus, the rehabilitation and training center, dental center, and the new Thumbay Hospital, all of which are new special projects being built according to the highest standards in design and construction, and which will be equipped with the latest medical equipment, providing a high level of treatment for patients in all medical fields, in addition to training students.

The GMU was established in 1998. It was the first university in the region to accept students of both genders and of all nationalities in all its departments which focus on three main fields: medical education, healthcare, and research. The GMU is a leader in medical academic establishments in the Gulf region, with advanced infrastructure and facilities. It has students from 80 nationalities and faculty/staff from over 25 countries. It organizes international and regional conferences and seminars in all medical fields.

College of Pharmacy, GMU represented in the GCC Pharmacoeconomics Forum

College of Pharmacy, GMU represented in the GCC Pharmacoeconomics Forum

The College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University participated actively in the GCC Pharmacoeconomics Forum on September 27th and 28th in Dubai. The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHP), United Arab Emirates. The Dean, Professor Sherief Khalifa, Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice Dr. Dixon Thomas and final year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students represented Gulf Medical University in the Forum.

The Forum discussed on drug registration, formulary management (inclusion or exclusion of a new drug, treatment or service), to define drug policy, development of treatment guidelines, controlling drug expenditure, purchasing negotiation, pricing in the pharmaceutical industry, to justify reimbursement decisions, and in individual patient treatment decisions. Experts from the U.S. and Europe explained on international standards of practices, while experts from the GCC region brainstormed on local challenges and possible solutions to make the drug therapy cost-effective and affordable.

The students of the College of Pharmacy had a first-hand learning experience on how the health care system functions in the UAE and the region. It was also a great opportunity for them to have personal interactions with experts from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Pharmaceutical Industries, Health Insurance Sector, Healthcare Providers, Academia, and Research.

Patient Talks, Sings as Doctors Remove Tennis ball-Sized Tumour from His Brain through ‘Awake Brain Surgery’

Patient Talks, Sings as Doctors Remove Tennis ball-Sized Tumour from His Brain through ‘Awake Brain Surgery’

Performed at Thumbay Hospital – Ajman UAE, the surgery helped the patient recover fast and completely, avoiding the general risks associated with brain surgeries

Sayed Khorshed Alam, a 50-year-old Bangladeshi male patient who recently underwent a brain surgery spoke and sang with his Doctors at Thumbay Hospital – Ajman throughout the surgery, while they were busy removing a Tennis ball-sized tumour from his brain. Known as ‘awake brain surgery’ this procedure requires the patient to be awake, alert and cooperative, while doctors during this procedure ask questions and monitor the activity in the patient’s brain as he responds.

The patient came to the hospital with complaints of weakness of the right lower limb followed by the right upper limb, which he had been experiencing since July 2017. He had focal seizure in the right leg in late August 2017, which lasted for about 2 minutes without loss of consciousness. Examinations revealed that the weakness on his right leg was more than that of his hand. He could not walk without support. His weakness increased gradually and he became wheelchair bound.

Dr. Ishwar Chandra

At Thumbay Hospital – Ajman, contrast MRI of the patient’s brain revealed a large tumour on the left side of brain which controls the movement of the right side of the body, particularly the leg. The team led by Dr. Ishwar Chandra Premsagar, Consultant (Incharge) – Neurosurgery, decided to perform ‘Awake Brain Surgery’. “The tumor was very close to the area controlling the movement of the body’s right side. Tumors in this position are especially critical for people who are right-handed,” said Dr. Ishwar.

The patient was operated on while he was awake, talking, singing and moving his hands and legs. Throughout the procedure of removal of the tumour, he was encouraged to talk and move his right hand and leg by Dr. Vinay, the Neuroanesthetist, to ensure that the procedure wasn’t causing further weakness or any speech problem. “The advantage of this type of surgery is that the surgeons can monitor the progress during the operation. The procedure also reduces the risk of damage to functional areas of your brain that could affect limb movements or speech, because as long as the patient doesn’t experience further weakness or inability to speak, the surgeons are reassured that they are on the right track,” said Dr. Ishwar.

“The bone of skull just overlying the tumour was removed by Craniotomy, under local anesthesia. Then the brain tumour was removed with his active cooperation. It was taken out bit-by-bit with special machine called CUSA.  CUSA removes the tumour silently without affecting the surrounding brain and with minimum bleeding. After total removal of tumour, the bone was fixed back as before,” explained the doctor.

Soon after the surgery, the patient drank water, and fruit juice a little later. He had a full meal in the evening. He was able to stand up next morning started & walking with support, soon after. “The awake brain surgery not only avoided increase in weakness but rather there was improvement in weakness on the very same day. The side effects of general anesthesia were also avoided. He was discharged from the hospital completely recovered, demonstrated by his ability to stand on his weak limb alone, without any support.”

Sayed Khurshid Alam is a happy man now. “This is a miracle God has given me. I am grateful to the doctors at Thumbay Hospital Ajman for the treatment. I had given up hopes of being able to walk on my own ever again, prior to the surgery. Now I am also able to run,” he said with a beaming smile.

Headed by expert doctors with wide ranging experience, the Neurosurgery Department of Thumbay Hospital – Ajman is well-equipped to perform all types of neuro surgeries.  The department offers a range of minimally invasive procedures including Endoscopic Lumbar Spine Surgery and Endoscopic Cervical Spine Surgery. These procedures take only 40 minutes to 1 hour through small incision, and usually the patient is fine to be discharged from the hospital the very next day.

College of Pharmacy Celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2017

College of Pharmacy Celebrates World Pharmacists Day 2017

The College of Pharmacy celebrates the World Pharmacists Day (WPD) on September 25. In line with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and the Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates, the theme of the day was discussed. The theme resonated on the transformation happening in the pharmacy profession globally from being the innovator of life-saving medicines to direct patient care services, stressing upon the need for a ‘patient oriented approach’ rather than a ‘product focused approach’.

The Dean, College of Pharmacy, Dr. Sherief Khalifa called for action on the 2017 WPD theme; “From research to health care: Your pharmacist is at your service”. In a brief motivational speech, the Dean provided a contemporary scenario on the scope, role and responsibilities of pharmacists in clinical practice. He stressed on utilizing the research facilities of Gulf Medical University to provide evidence-based pharmaceutical care services.

Dr. Dixon Thomas, the Chair of Pharmacy Practice Department  and Mr. Mohammad Maen Rashed, final year PharmD candidate currently undergoing Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman  added faculty and student perspectives.

It was a day where students and faculty of the College of Pharmacy and pharmacists of the Thumbay Hospital in Ajman came together as one to celebrate their determination to lead the change in pharmacy education and practice with the ultimate goal of optimizing patient care.

The Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood’s initiative “My Child’s Seat” succeeds in gathering many organizations to provide car seats in order to prevent injuries caused by traffic accidents

The Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood’s initiative “My Child’s Seat” succeeds in gathering many organizations to provide car seats in order to prevent injuries caused by traffic accidents

The humanitarian initiative “My Child’s Seat”, launched by The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (SCMC) in cooperation with Ministry of Interior, has been a success through providing car seats to prevent injuries/fatalities caused by traffic accidents.

H.E. Rym Al Falasy – Secretary General of The Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood – said that this successful humanitarian initiative instigated by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak – Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and President of The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood – has achieved its goals and grouped together many entities where funding and car seats were donated in order to protect children during car accidents.

H.E. Rym Al Falasy clarified that this initiative aimed for parents and the community has achieved its goals where entities and community members have donated car seats for families in need, such as “Thumbay Hospital” – the leading network of private academic hospitals owned and operated by Thumbay Group – in Dubai, which has vowed to distribute 400 car seats across the UAE in support of the initiative. Her Excellency also added that many other entities are joining the initiative to provide hundreds of car seats.

Mr. Thumbay Moideen, the Founder President of Thumbay Group said, “Thumbay Group is honored to be a part of this humanitarian cause initiated in line with the directives of Her Highness Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak. This campaign will not only help raise awareness among parents on the importance their children’s safety, but will also inspire them to bring up their kids as law abiding citizens. By taking the campaign’s message to expectant parents, Thumbay Hospital aims to ensure that the safety of each child begins from the time he/she leaves the hospital as a newborn.” He also added that Thumbay Hospital will distribute 400 child car seats across the UAE. The seats will be given to expectant mothers who would be booking the delivery packages at Thumbay Hospitals in Dubai, Ajman and Fujairah, during the month of November 2017.

About Thumbay Group’s Healthcare Division

Thumbay Group’s healthcare division presently operates academic hospitals in the UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah & Sharjah) and Hyderabad – India, as well as a network of multispecialty day care centers and state-of-the-art family clinics at various locations in the UAE, making it the largest network of private academic hospitals in the region. All the hospitals and clinics provide clinical training for the students of Gulf Medical University (GMU), the leading private medical university in the region owned by Thumbay Group. They treat patients from over 175 nationalities, and are staffed by doctors, nurses and technicians from over 25 different countries, speaking more than 50 languages. Thumbay Group also operates CAP-accredited diagnostic labs (Thumbay Labs) and retail pharmacy outlets (Thumbay Pharmacy), in the UAE and India. The Thumbay academic hospital network will have a total of 1000 beds in the UAE, 1500 beds in India and 750 beds elsewhere in the Gulf and Africa by 2022, taking the total number of hospitals to 15 worldwide.

Established by the Founder President Mr. Thumbay Moideen in 1998, today Thumbay Group is a diversified international business conglomerate with presence across 20 sectors of business including Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communications, Retail Opticals, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing, Technology, Media, Events, Medical Tourism, Trading and Marketing & Distribution. Thumbay Group follows a strategic plan, according to which the Group aims to expand its businesses over ten times, with global presence. The strategic vision plan aims to quadruple the employee strength to 20,000 by the year 2022

Thumbay Clinic Ajman Conducts Free Health Camp at Gulf Steel Industries

Thumbay Clinic Ajman Conducts Free Health Camp at Gulf Steel Industries

Thumbay Clinic – Ajman, part of the network of state-of-the-art family clinics operated by Thumbay Group’s healthcare division, conducted a free health awareness camp at Gulf Steel Industries, Hamriyah Free Zone, on 9th September 2017.

Free services offered at the camp included: General Practitioner and Dentist consultations, blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI checkups, eye test and lung function test. Many employees of Gulf Steel Industries availed the services.

Emergency Coronary Angioplasty at Thumbay Hospital Ajman Saves Patient Whose Heart Stopped Beating

Emergency Coronary Angioplasty at Thumbay Hospital Ajman Saves Patient Whose Heart Stopped Beating

Dr. Debabrata Dash, Specialist – Interventional Cardiology, Thumbay Hospital, Ajman

Heart attack, known as myocardial infarction, is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. A heart attack or a cardiac arrest is caused by decreased blood supply to the person’s heart muscle. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. When this happens, the blood flow to the brain and other vital organs stops completely, leading to death if not treated immediately.

Sudden deaths resulting from heart attacks occur when the heart goes into dangerous rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation (VF) or pulseless ventricular tachycardia (VT). Half of the patients who die of heart attack do so before reaching the hospital. VF is most likely to develop during the first 4 hours (called as golden period) after the onset of heart attack pain. So, early recognition and treatment plays a crucial role in patient’s survival.

A few days ago, a 57 year old Indian male patient experienced a miraculous escape from SCA at Thumbay Hospital – Ajman, thanks to the prompt and expert care he received. The patient’s troubles had started at around 7am in the morning, when he started experiencing chest discomfort, which soon escalated to chest tightness in a few hours’ time. By 7pm on the same day, he had severe retrosternal chest burn accompanied by cold sweat, which made him consult a local physician.

The patient was then referred to Thumbay Hospital, Ajman, where he was brought into the Emergency department. During triage in Emergency, the patient developed cardiac arrest. ECG findings revealed that his heart had stopped working due to dangerous VF/VT rhythms making him unconscious. MET call was generated and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) was initiated with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The patient was shocked out of VF. There was Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) after 15 minutes of  resuscitation.

This was when the team led by Dr. Debabrata Dash, Interventional Cardiologist intervened. Assisted by the staff and doctors of Thumbay Hospital’s modern Cath Lab, Dr. Dash carried out emergency coronary angiography and opened the obstructed artery by angioplasty, restoring blood flow to the heart.

The patient was off the ventilator the very next day and the high level of care he received at the ICU ensured smooth and speedy recovery within just 2 days. “Angioplasty in a dying patient is technically demanding and challenging as the survival rate is just around 5%. But without this procedure, the patient would succumb to death as no other treatment is effective at this stage. In this case, our prompt action resulted in the successful outcome, although there were complications involved,” says Dr. Dash. According to studies conducted in Europe, he points out,the incidence of sudden deaths following SCA is 8.6%. SCA is fatal in 95% of cases. It kills about 1000 people a day worldwide –which roughly works out to one person every 90 seconds; more than the casualties of lung & breast cancer combined.

Cardiac arrest is a life-threatening condition. Once the heart goes into arrest, after around 4 minutes the patient will start to have brain damage and after 12 minutes he/she could be dead.  So, early CPR and prompt angioplasty are vital for the survival of the patient. “In patients with cardiac arrest, if there is no non-cardiac cause, they must have an urgent coronary angiography followed by coronary angioplasty if there is coronary disease. Non-cardiac causes of cardiac arrest such as trauma, brain hemorrhage, metabolic problems i.e., severe hypoglycemia should be ruled out before performing coronary angiography,” cautions Dr. Dash.

Thumbay Hospital Ajman has a brand-new, most-modern Cath Lab under highly qualified and experienced doctors. The other services available are Valvuloplasties, Pacemakers and ICDs, ASD and PDA closure and other paediatric interventions

About Thumbay Hospital – Ajman

Thumbay Hospital – Ajman is a part of the Thumbay network of academic hospitals owned and operated by Thumbay Group. It is the first JCI accredited hospital in Ajman and recipient of the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award. The hospital has an excellent Cardiology Department led by expert doctors with a lot of experience working with the most modern technologies and well-versed with advanced treatments and procedures. The department offers world-class services ranging from routine check-ups to handling highly critical cases. Some of the features of the Cardiac Department include: well-equipped ICUs, recent type of echocardiogram, high-quality monitors and ventilators inside the ICU etc. The cardiac services are streamlined and properly coordinated right from the ER to the ICU, ensuring perfect care. The Pediatric Echocardiography is handled by highly experienced doctors.

Bio: Dr. Debabrata Dash

Dr. Dash has worked as consultant interventional cardiologist at many prestigious institutes in India. He is an invited international faculty in China, Korea, Japan, USA, Latin America, Singapore, Vietnam. He was awarded by World of Great Faces for best service in cardiology in 2010 and Excellent Interventional Cardiologist of the Year in 2012.

Thumbay Hospital Day Care Conducts Free Health Checkup Camp at Sharjah Wanderers

Thumbay Hospital Day Care Conducts Free Health Checkup Camp at Sharjah Wanderers

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – University City Road, Sharjah, the multispecialty day care center operated by Thumbay Group’s healthcare division,conducted a free health checkup camp at the Sharjah Wanderers sports club, on 9th September 2017.

The camp offered free blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI checks, in addition to GP Consultation. Around 50 members and staff of the club availed the free services at the camp.