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Thumbay Annual Healthy Baby Contest & Exhibition on February 26

Thumbay healthy Baby Contest

The annual ‘Healthy Baby Contest & Exhibition’, Dubai’s largest family fun event will be held from 3pm to 8 pm on Friday, 26th February 2016 at Thumbay Hospital, Dubai. Ms. Shabana Faizal, Vice Chairperson of KEF Holdings – Dubai will be the chief guest of the event, which will be presided over by Mr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President of Thumbay Group.

The Healthy Baby Contest & Exhibition is conducted for children up to 5 years old, under 5 different age categories. The ‘Healthy Baby’ is selected based on criteria such as the child’s physical/mental growth, complete immunization, general appearance and the parents’ knowledge about childcare. In addition, prizes would also be given for categories such as Curly Hair, Sparkling Eyes, Sunshine Smile and Chubby Cheeks, for each of the age groups. The contest will be judged by leading pediatricians as well as experts from the Thumbay network of hospitals.

The contest will also have fun activities for kids, such as winter snow play area, creative craft stations, children’s train ride, bouncy castles, toddlers’ play area, magic show, musical parade, meet and greet the prince and the princess, etc. Special prizes will also be given to the little ones dressed in their favourite magical character costumes.

Close to 500 children and over 3500 visitors participated in the event last year. This year’s event will be bigger in terms of participants as well as visitors. The event is intended to raise awareness on health and nutrition issues/needs of children and to promote healthy childhood. It also gives the parents a chance to freely interact with the renowned pediatricians of Thumbay Hospitals, benefiting from their tips and suggestions.

Registration forms for the contest are available at Thumbay Hospitals (Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah & GMC Hospital Ajman), Thumbay Clinics (Ajman, Dubai, UAQ & RAK), Gulf Medical University (Ajman), Body & Soul Health Clubs (Ajman, Dubai & Sharjah), Blends & Brews Coffee Shops and Thumbay Pharmacy outlets.

For more information & registration, please contact 06-7463333, 06-7431333, 04-6030555, 06-5358111, 055-4991753, or visit the website:

Body & Soul Conducts Annual Members Day & Mega Car Raffle Draw

Body & Soul Conducts Annual Members Day & Mega Car Raffle Draw

Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, the award-winning network of health clubs operated by the Hospitality Division of Thumbay Group UAE conducted the Annual Members Day & Mega Car Raffle Draw on Saturday, 6th February 2016. The event was held at the Body & Soul Health Club in Al Jurf – Ajman next to Gulf Medical University, and included fitness demonstrations and games as well as interactive sessions with trainers.

The chief guest of the function was Mr. Saeed Al Ajeel, member of UAE Sports for All Committee and Sharjah Sports Council. Mr. Farhad C, Director – Hospitality Division of Thumbay Group presided over the function. The formal opening was followed by a special demo by participants of the Junior Active Club (JAC). Later, the certified Fitness Instructors of Body & Soul conducted demonstrations of Aerobics, Zumba and fitness exercises and answered fitness-related queries of the audience. A fitness skit conveying the message “Prevention is Better than Cure” was presented by the fitness team of Body & Soul.

The Mega Raffle Draw was conducted for Body & Soul members, and its most important criterion was that the winner had to be in attendance to claim the prize; a brand new Toyota Corolla car. After 10 picks, Mr. K. G. Chandran came forward to claim the prize and he was declared the winner. The delighted winner was presented with the keys of the car by the chief guest.

Body and Soul currently has five outlets in the UAE, including ‘elite’ and ‘ladies only’ clubs. They offer extensive sports, recreation, fitness, health, social and youth programs. Mr. Farhad C said that Body & Soul was all set for a massive expansion which will see an addition of 100 new family-centered health clubs within the next five years, with 25 of them planned in the next two years. “Body & Soul’s facilities, infrastructure and operating standards are at par with the international standards of health clubs. All classes and workouts are supervised by highly trained, certified instructors,” he added.

Cricketer Abdul Razzaq Visits Thumbay Hospital Dubai

Cricketer Abdul Razzaq Visits Thumbay Hospital Dubai

Popular Pakistani cricketer Abdul Razzaq visited Thumbay Hospital – Dubai, on Friday, 5th February, 2016. He was welcomed at the hospital by Dr. Manvir Singh Walia, Administrative Director – Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group, Dr. Ashutosh Sood, Chief Operating Officer of Thumbay Hospital Dubai, Dr. Sameer Kumar, Assistant Administrative Director of Thumbay Dental Hospital Dubai, and other members of the administrative team of Thumbay Hospital Dubai.

Abdul Razzaq toured the advanced, ultra-modern facilities at the hospital and the adjoining Thumbay Dental Hospital. He also visited the outlets of various Thumbay Group brands within the hospital, like Thumbay Medical Tourism, Thumbay Pharmacy, Zo & Mo Opticals, Nutri Plus Vita and Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe. He met and interacted with the patients and visitors at the hospital, and obliged autographs. The cricketer was very impressed with the state-of-the art infrastructure and the advanced treatments at the hospital.

Thumbay Group’s hospitals have risen to the forefront of healthcare providers in the region by providing high quality healthcare at affordable costs. Thumbay Group delivers its healthcare services through its four Thumbay Hospitals in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah, a 25-chair dental hospital in Dubai which is the first private dental hospital in the country, five state-of-the-art Thumbay Clinics and Thumbay Labs in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, in addition to outlets of Thumbay Pharmacy across the UAE. Thumbay Group’s network of hospitals and clinics are among the largest healthcare networks in the UAE.

All Thumbay Group hospitals are full-fledged multi-specialty centers, with wide-ranging tertiary care services.  Thumbay Hospitals have been the first choice healthcare destination for patients from over 175 nationalities. Staff from over 22 countries, speaking over 50 languages attend to patients. JCI accreditation for the hospitals, CAP-accredited laboratories, patient-centric services, affordable costs, presence throughout the UAE, strong cultural diversity, an impeccable record of zero infection rate, and multiple accreditations, memberships and awards are some distinctive features which makes Thumbay Hospitals the most popular healthcare destination.

Gulf Medical University Observes World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Gulf Medical University (GMU), the leading private medical university in the region owned and operated by Thumbay Group observed World Cancer Day at the university campus in Ajman, on Thursday, 4th February 2016.

Students conducted talks on cancer and the importance of safeguarding against the disease. They demonstrated the issues related to cancer and played games designed to spread cancer awareness. Informative presentations detailing the causes, symptoms, nature and precautions of various types of cancer were also conducted by the students.

World Cancer Day was established by the Paris Charter adopted at the ‘World Summit against Cancer for the New Millennium’ in Paris on 4 February 2000. It takes place every year on 4 February. World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

Thumbay Medical Tourism Opens ‘Welcome Center’ at Sharjah Airport

Thumbay Medical Tourism Opens Welcome Center at Sharjah Airport

Thumbay Medical Tourism (TMT), the award-winning medical tourism initiative of Thumbay Group – UAE has opened its welcome center at the Sharjah International Airport, which is a first of its kind in the UAE. The kiosk, which is intended to welcome medical tourists from different countries, will provide them information on wellness checkups as well as TMT’s wide range of surgeries and treatments across all the major specialties offered by Thumbay Group’s network of academic hospitals.

The new center was opened on Thursday, 4th February 2016, in the presence of Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay – Vice President of the Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group and Dr. Benazir Ameer Ali – Director of Thumbay International Medical and Health Tourism Department. Located within the airport, the kiosk acts as a facilitation center for medical tourists visiting the country through Sharjah International Airport, and will be their first point of contact, taking care of all their needs right from when they disembark.

“A medical tourism welcome center within an airport is a new concept implemented by Thumbay Group. Apart from taking care of the needs of medical tourists, it will also act as an information kiosk for prospective customers passing through the airport, providing them firsthand information about Thumbay Group’s range of healthcare services and medical tourism services,” said Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay. He added that more such centers were planned at the other airports in the UAE as well.

Dr. Benazir Ameer Ali said that the newly opened kiosk was the latest of TMT’s constant efforts to further upgrade and improve its services. “The ultramodern infrastructure, excellent care and warm hospitality of Thumbay Group’s hospitals has already made them the popular choice of medical tourists. We aim to emerge as the ultimate medical tourism health partner in the country,” she said.

Thumbay Group delivers healthcare services through its four Thumbay Hospitals in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah, a 25-chair dental hospital in Dubai, five state-of-the-art Thumbay Clinics and Thumbay Labs in Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, in addition to outlets of Thumbay Pharmacy across the UAE. A 400 bed ultra-modern hospital, a 60-chair dental hospital and an advanced rehabilitation center in Ajman are upcoming projects expected to be completed in 2016/2017, which will take Thumbay Group’s healthcare services several notches higher. The network of hospitals and clinics are among the largest healthcare providers in the UAE, providing care for patients from over 175 nationalities. Staff from over 22 countries speaking over 50 languages attend to patients. Hospitals with JCI accreditation, CAP accredited laboratories, and multiple medical tourism accreditations & memberships are some distinctive features of Thumbay Group’s healthcare facilities.

Thumbay Medical Tourism focuses on promoting Thumbay Group’s ultra-modern healthcare services to the growing number of international patients visiting the UAE, at affordable costs. TMT provides a host of travel and medical services to medical tourists from all over the world, and also arranges on-demand translator services, accommodation services, customized treatment packages, preferred cuisine, travel arrangements, priority appointments, airport pick up & drop off, etc.

Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre Sharjah Conducts Medical & Dental Camp

Medical & Dental Camp

Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre – Sharjah a leading hospital owned and operated by Thumbay Group – UAE, organized a ‘Health Checkup & Dental Screening Camp’ at the Union Cooperative Labor Camp, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm Sunday, 31st January 2016. 

More than 150 people benefited from the free camp which included screening of blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI, as well as free dental screening.

The Management of Union Cooperative thanked the hospital and appreciated its efforts to to promote health and well-being among the public. 

Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Centre has been conducting health camp at various locations in Sharjah, to raise health awareness among the public.

Thumbay Moideen Featured on the Cover of Forbes Middle East

Thumbay Moideen Featured on the Cover of Forbes Middle East

Mr. Thumbay Moideen, the Founder President of the UAE-based Thumbay Group has been featured on the cover of ‘Forbes Middle East’, one of the top finance and business magazines in the Middle East region. The cover story, titled “Healthy Choice” traces Mr. Thumbay Moideen’s business journey in the UAE starting from setting up the Gulf Medical University (GMU) in Ajman, to emerging as a prominent name in healthcare and medical education by establishing the leading network of academic hospitals in the country and making GMU one of the highest-in-demand private medical universities in the region.

The cover story is a detailed account of how Mr. Moideen’s business acumen and confidence leads GMU and the Thumbay network of hospitals on the continuous path of growth and excellence. Forbes Middle East estimates his fortunes at $1.8 billion.

According to the article, GMU gets around 6000 student applications for just around 270 spots, every year. Since 2003, over 2000 students have graduated from GMU and presently, the student body is made up of 36% Arabs, 32% Asians and 22% Africans and the rest from Europe and Asia. It also has 162 faculty members from 22 countries, says the article. 22% of GMU graduates are admitted to US medical schools for further training. “GMU is part of a network of four pioneering teaching hospitals that now train 19% of doctors in the country and treat nearly 1,800 patients a day,” it says.

Mr. Moideen’s foray into healthcare, says the article, started with the setting up of a 200-bed teaching hospital in Ajman, in 2002. Two 60-bed hospitals, one each in Fujairah and Sharjah in 2011, and a 150-bed hospital in Dubai in 2015 followed. The Thumbay Hospital network reached several notches higher with the prestigious JCI accreditation it received in 2013.

The article also talks about Thumbay Group’s future plans such as the upcoming medical school project in Ghana, which is expected to open by 2017. Mentioning the opening of Thumbay Hospital in Hyderabad – India last year, the article goes on to say that Mr. Moideen plans to build hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mumbai and Bengaluru, next year. “He’s become a billionaire with plans to expand elsewhere in the Gulf and Africa,” it says. The article also features Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, his elder son who manages the Healthcare Division of the Group as its Vice-President, while his younger son Mr. Akram Moideen Thumbay is the Director Operations of the Construction & Renovation Division.

From humble beginnings in 1998 when Mr. Thumbay Moideen migrated to the UAE from India, almost two decades since its inception, today, the Thumbay Group under his Presidency has grown into an international business conglomerate headquartered at DIFC-Dubai. Not only has he made a mark as a pioneer in his flagship businesses: education, healthcare and research, but he has also diversified his business across 13 different sectors and has established global presence. With the completion of the ongoing projects, the Group will employ 6000 people in the next two years, which will reach 15,000 employees by the end of 2020.

Thumbay Hospital Dubai to Conduct ‘Free Medical and Dental Camp’ on February 5, to Mark Sri Lanka’s 68th Independence Day

Free Health Camp

Thumbay Hospital – Dubai, the leading academic hospital owned and operated by Thumbay Group, will organize a free medical and dental camp to mark Sri Lanka’s 68th
Independence Day. The camp, which will be held at the hospital from 9 am to 5 pm on Friday, 5th February 2016, will be inaugurated by the Mr. Charitha Yattogoda, Consul General, Consulate General of Sri Lanka – Dubai & Northern Emirates, who is the chief guest of the function. Mr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President – Thumbay Group will preside over the function.

The free medical and dental camp will offer free consultations for visitors with specialist doctors such as Internal Medicine Specialist, General Practitioner, General Surgeon, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Orthopedician, Dermatologist, Dentist, Ophthalmologist and ENT Specialist. Visitors can also avail free blood sugar, blood pressure & BMI checks. The camp will also offer free ECG (25 nos.), free mammogram bilateral (25 nos.), 30% discount on laboratory & radiology investigation, 30% discount on all dental procedures, as well as special rates on braces and teeth scaling & polishing. There will be a 20% discount on all surgical procedures as well as on audiometry tests.

Visitors at the camp can also avail the special maternity package under the ‘Book Now, Deliver Later’ scheme, by paying just AED. 299. Under this scheme, normal deliveries will cost as low as AED.4999, and caesarian sections, just AED.8999. All those who register for the scheme at the camp on Friday would be able to avail the discount, irrespective of their stage of pregnancy. The camp also features a discounted antenatal package at AED. 2499.

Thumbay Group’s hospitals at Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah and Fujairah are managed by highly qualified professionals from 20 nationalities, speaking more than 50 languages,
treating patients from more than 175 nationalities. With world-class hospitals, affordable family clinics, labs and pharmacies spread across various locations in the UAE, Thumbay Group’s healthcare network has emerged as one of the largest in the region. Thumbay Hospital – Dubai is located near Stadium Metro Station in Al Qusais. For bookings & more information on the free medical & dental camp, please contact the hospital on the phone number 04-6030555 or 056-9583264.

International Cricketers Michael Vaughan, Abdul Razzaq and Chamara Silva to Visit Thumbay Hospital Dubai on February 5

International Cricketers Michael Vaughan, Abdul Razzaq and Chamara Silva to Visit Thumbay Hospital Dubai on February 5

Renowned international cricketers Michael Vaughan (England), Abdul Razzaq (Pakistan) and Chamara Silva (Sri Lanka) will visit Thumbay Hospital, Dubai at 10 am on Friday, 5th February 2016. All three cricketers, who are very popular with cricket enthusiasts worldwide, would tour Thumbay Hospital’s facilities and also meet and greet their fans present at the hospital. On the occasion of the celebrity visits, Thumbay Hospital Dubai will be conducting a free medical and dental camp on Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Apart from free blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI checkups, the free medical and dental camp would also offer visitors free consultations with specialist doctors of Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Dentistry, General Practitioner, ENT and Dermatology.

“We welcome one and all to Thumbay Hospital this Friday, to meet and greet the cricket stars and to make use of the free medical and dental camp being organized to mark the celebrity visits,” said Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President of the Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group.

Thumbay Hospital is a leading academic hospital owned and operated by Thumbay Group – UAE. A unique feature of the hospital is the 25-chair Dental Hospital, which is a multi-specialty centre with world-class facilities, providing quality healthcare at affordable costs. The hospital is located near Stadium Metro Station in Al Qusais. For queries about the celebrity visit and the free consultations on 5th February, kindly contact the hospital on the following phone numbers: 04-6030555 or 056-9583264.