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Leading Cardiologists spoke about new trends in tackling heart diseases during the annual conference at Gulf Medical University.

Department of cardiology GMC Hospitals and Gulf Medical University organized the 3rd Annual Conference on New Horizons in Cardiology on 10th October at its campus in Ajman. Over 100 doctors and healthcare professionals attended the event.Cardiology Dr. Mohamed Fathi, cardiology specialist, GMC Hospital, Ajman, focused on the health risks associated with elevated cholesterol levels and highlighted the latest updates on the treatment of such modifiable condition that may cause risk on the heart & blood vessels if left untreated. He highlighted the role of the patients themselves, and how can they improve the situation by adapting healthy life style and regular consultations with the physicians.Dr. Mahmoud Ghanaim, consultant and head of emergency department, Dubai Hospital spoke on how to perceive and look into patients when they present with a very common presentation, which is chest pain. He elaborated the different possible causes that may lead to chest pain and how to differentiate and not to miss serious causes. He gave an important advice, that awareness and early recognition of symptoms of heart diseases is the initial key that leads the patients to seek medical attention. His lecture was very educative, interactive and well-appreciated by the audience.2Professor Mahir Khalil, consultant endocrinologist, GMC Hospital, Ajman, gave an interesting lecture about the possible risks associated with minor changes in the functions of the Thyroid gland. Not every patient with Thyroid disease will typically have symptoms or signs of the condition, called sub-clinical. However, he emphasized that these particular patients need close medical attention and timely treatment by physicians to avoid possible future risks on the heart and general health.

Dr. Tamer Taha, cardiology specialist, GMC Hospital, Ajman, delivered a lecture to health care providers about the cardiac patients who require non-cardiac surgeries. He emphasized the role of the whole team, including the patient himself, the Surgeon, the Anesthetist, and the Cardiologist in evaluating the scenario thoroughly aiming at minimizing the potential avoidable cardiac risks associated with general anesthesia and surgery.3Dr. Altaf Rashad, cardiology specialist, GMC Hospital, Fujairah, spoke about the latest updates on the treatment of a common disease that affects electricity of the heart, atrial fibrillation. He highlighted that despite the possibility of minimal or no symptoms of such conditions, yet, the patients are at higher risk than general population to develop a future stroke in the brain. He reviewed the latest guidelines on approaching and treating atrial fibrillation.4Dr. Ehab M. Esheiba, head of cardiology department, GMC Hospital, Ajman, spoke about the latest updates in management of a common health problem and silent killer, Hypertension. This disease is complex and treatment usually starts from the patient’s end, by changing sedentary life style into an active and healthy life style. The focus on regular exercise, weight reduction, cessation of smoking, and consumption of healthy balanced diet were highlighted. Regular follow-up with the treating physician and adherence to medications were emphasized.

Earlier Prof. Manda Venkatramana, Dean College of Medicine GMU felicitated the speakers during the presentation ceremony. The conference was accredited by ministry of health for 4.5 cme hrs.